Why Us?

Product features

Frameless, ready-to-assemble (RTA), in stock
Solid Maple cabinet doors, drawer fronts and drawers
¾” plywood boxes and shelves
Soft-close adjustable hinges for cabinets
Drawers feature dovetail construction
Drawers have full extension, under mount soft-close glides
Interior and exterior finishes match.
DTC hardware standard

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How to measure

Measure the ceiling height in from floor to ceiling. Start with the first wall on the left and work to your right around the room (corner to corner).
Indicate window and door location and sizes. Indicate all breaks in walls by measuring from the corner to the outside edge of the moulding. Indicate all appliance locations and width, height, and depth
Measure to centerline of plumbing, ducting and outlets. Finally, double check all dimensions.

Service provides

  • Free measurement
  • Free 3D design
  • Free quote
  • Assembly
  • Installation

RTA Cabinets VS Custom Caninets

There are two main types of cabinets on the market, RTA and Custom made. Both of them can create excellent kitchens, but there are some differences between them.

RTA means ready to assemble. These cabinets are already made and stored in warehouses. They are flat packed and easy to ship. They come in variety of sizes to make sure kitchen designers will have all the sizes they need to create a perfect kitchen.

Compared to custom cabinets, the lead time for RTA cabinets is much faster. Kitchen & Bath Gallery typically can ship the order in one business day from the warehouse, and kitchen will be ready to install in one week so the project can be completed in a timely matter.
Custom cabinets are made to specific sizes to achieve a more complicated kitchen scenario. Also, custom cabinets may have additional accessories like custom built-in fridge and dishwasher panels. Most common accessories include pull out garbage bins, spice racks, wine racks, etc.. which are available in both custom and RTA cabinets.

In terms of price, RTA cabinets are much less expensive than custom cabinets, typically are about half the cost due to lower labour costs for manufacturing. Custom cabinets require more labour to create those specific cabinets, and spend a lot of more time to setting up the machines. The extra labour for custom cabinets increases the price significantly. Also, in the installation and shipping process, if the cabinets get damaged, getting a new one from the warehouse is easier and cheaper than creating a new one again.
Custom cabinets have different door styles, and materials for customer to pick from. Kitchen & Bath Gallery usually stocks 8 to 12 popular colours and styles to fit most clients’ needs.

In order to maintain the highest quality possible, Kitchen & Bath Gallery only uses plywood for box construction, and solid wood doors. Heavy duty soft close door and drawer hardware are standard and come with lifetime Warranty.

Overall, both RTA and custom cabinets could be excellent choices depending on the customer’s time and budget. RTA cabinets are faster and easier to finish the projects with high quality material in a budget friendly manner.

As a professional kitchen cabinets store, Kitchen & Bath Gallery provides free design, assembly, and professional installation service.

Call or visit our showroom today and learn more about what we can do for you.

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